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How to create beautiful and unique flower bed design

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The main idea of the life of usual resident of the big city is the constant everyday movement. But we have to admit the fact that very often everyone had the idea just simply sit down in the yard of the private house and just take pleasure in the pacification of the nature. The greenhouse or small plot of land is exactly what we all need for such kind of rest. Small flower garden in the suburban area is a perfect match for such kind of rest. The arrangement of the flower bed in the open space area sounds so beautiful and it is not difficult to decorate it with different varieties of flowers. There is a simple design of flower beds such as flowers in the villa area or flowers placed in front of the windows of a private house. Each element of this beauty will let your eye to see its beauty from different points of the garden plot. So lets look into flower bed design rules! read more →

The aphids as the pests in the greenhouses

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aphid greenhouse pests

Features of aphids propagation in greenhouses

The microclimate in the greenhouses are ideal for the crops propagation due to the formation of the medium with the high temperature and the optimum level of humidity within the greenhouse construction. However the same conditions contribute to the active vital activity of many species of harmful insects. The one of the most common types is aphid greenhouse pests. read more →

Building greenhouse on your country plot

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greenhouse building advices, tips and tricks

Choosing and building greenhouse for growing vegetables and greens

We bet that almost every gardener at least once thought about building greenhouse. If there is free place on the property of your country house then you should do it. Professional installers can build your greenhouse fast and quick and install it on the area. In other case you can build a greenhouse by your own hands. read more →