Organic fertilizers for greenhouses

The use of organic natural fertilizers for growing plants in cottage greenhouses

Coffee grounds

The organic fertilizers for greenhouses received from the natural components without using services of the chemical industry have always been in demand among fans of horticulture growing crops who do not want to expose their plants to an additional risk of chemical fertilizers which are not always safe for plants or for humans.

At the same time you can use not only the “living products” of animals and plants. But also the products of everyday life of a person as natural fertilizer in summer greenhouses. As for example you can use coffee grounds as the remainder of used coffee beans. Practically you can note that you can really use the coffee grounds as the ground grain coffee as fertilizer in small outdoor greenhouses. It is favorably affecting the growth and development of crops. Coffee grounds is one hundred percent organic and environmentally friendly material.

Coffee grounds 100% organic

Such kind of fertilizer is capable of retaining and absorbing water which is improving the drainage qualities and aeration of the greenhouse soil. Coffee grounds as the agricultural fertilizer are rich with such kind of substances as copper, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. The coffee grounds contain about 2 percent of nitrogen in its composition. This is not the highest indicator especially when compared with nitrogen-rich inorganic fertilizers. However a significant advantage of using the coffee grounds is that nitrogen in it will be releasing slowly and gradually. It is 100% guarantee long-term and stable feeding for plants of this substance.

There is a significant difference between whether to use already “used” substance after the coffee has already been cooked or just ground coffee beans. Unused coffee grounds will have a higher acidity value which will be good for plants that love soil with a high acid content. The substance that has been washed with water will have a neutral pH of between 6.5 and 6.8 and will have lower acidity which is acceptable for the life of most plants. The water passing through the substance only once will easily flush acid out of it. Besides the initial acidity index of the not crushed grain of the coffee tree differs significantly comprising different varieties of coffee beans. The acidity index of not crushed grain will never exceed the limits harmful to living organisms. Otherwise we would not be able to drink that kind of coffee.

Organic fertilizers: coffee grounds

Organic fertilizers: coffee grounds

Stirring the soil of the greenhouse with coffee grounds will promote vital activity of useful microorganisms. As a result the formation of microflora will become favorable for plant growth. Also the coffee grounds serve as bait for earthworms. The mixing proportions of the coffee grounds and the soil should be as one to three. Other words proportion should be as one hundred grams of coffee for three hundred grams of ground land. You can also fill coffee grounds in ready-made compost. After this you will get combined organic fertilizer. Also you can cover the soil with a uniform layer of substance from above. In addition to the function of fertilizer this compost will also prevent the growth of weeds.

Coffee Grounds Fertilizer Resume

The coffee grounds is a good organic fertilizer for hothouse cultivation. As already mentioned above this fertilizer promotes better circulation of water in the ground which is especially important for greenhouse conditions with high humidity. In addition to all of the above the coffee grounds protect plants from pests since caffeine in the substance discourages slugs, snails and other soft-bodied. These kind of creatures do not tolerate the strong smell of coffee for them.

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