The heating process of the greenhouses can be natural and artificial. Natural heating is suitable for a warm time that starts in March. The space for the greenhouse should be selected carefully so that the sun’s rays penetrate the walls from all sides creating a greenhouse warming effect. But no one can protect the horticulturist and plants from unexpected frosts. That is the main reason why the heating system should be installed inside the greenhouse.

Warm floor. This method is widely used all over the world because it is very economy and simple to use and install. Also with the help of a heating cable you can simply adjust the spread of heat around the entire perimeter of the greenhouse. The installation is pretty much simple. You have just to lay the cable along the perimeter or sections of sand under the ground.

water heating

Water heating. This technique is already outdated but you can still use it for heating the greenhouse. Pipes are laid between beds or around the perimeter of the greenhouse. The water will be heated by a boiler. To move hot water through the system you can use pipes. Here is one trick: if you lay pipes under the top layer of soil or on the surface of the soil you can warm up both air and ground in addition.

Heating with the help of gas. In this case of heating the heat occurs with the help of electronic heaters which burn gas directly inside the greenhouse.

air heating in greenhouse

Air heating. This type of heating is carried out at the stage of construction of the greenhouse itself or even I would say on the stage of planning the construction of the greenhouse. The heating and ventilation devices should be installed based on the foundation. The air should flow to the plants with the stream to avoid burning the plants.

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