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Using a Backyard Greenhouse in your garden is one element of leisure activity. And there are also many crops which can be grown outdoors in the greenhouse.

Farms, like any business, have to show a profit, and the way fruits and vegetables are grown reflects this fact of life. The grower, naturally, is seeking a good return on his investment of time and labour. And to this end will be inclined to use significant amounts of artificial fertilizers.

There has been a quiet, determined protest movement for some time from those who are concerned about possible overuse of fertilizers and other artificial methods of enhancing crop yields, encouraging a significant number of people to resort to a form of self sufficiency by growing their own produce at home. By doing this, they know that their food will not be tainted by excessive chemical fertilization.

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A backyard greenhouse can be erected in surprisingly little space in any garden. And the crops grown can be chosen according to the likes and dislikes of the family. All possible sizes of Greenhouse Kits are available at our online-store. They are all easy to transport as flat packs and simple to build. Any DIY expert who also has an environmental conscience might also consider building a ClimaPod Greenhouse. Anyone whose ambitions remain at hobby level rather than feeding a family may decide this solution is perfect for their purpose.

Food Growing Tips

The greenhouse is the place to grow sensitive plants such as tomatoes which will not grow particularly well outdoors. Planning is important, and depends first and foremost on how much space you have. Typically, tomatoes can be trained to climb a frame. This means that you can plant several different things alongside each other and let them grow upwards, which is using the available height of the structure as well as is length and breadth.

Outside the backyard greenhouse, in the open garden it is useful to remember that certain herbs and spices have been identified as excellent companion crops for other plants. For example, marigold and oregano protect against cabbage moths and other unwanted guests. Chives planted between rows of lettuce are also beneficial. And the strategic planting of a few garlic roots or onions will safeguard the entire cabbage family from insect attack.

Self sufficiency has become a byword for many people. There is also the inner satisfaction of knowing that the vegetables and fruits which end up in the kitchen and then on the dinner table are the fruits of ones labours. They will also be free from excessive fertilizers and almost certainly far cheaper than buying them at a supermarket.

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