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Polycarbonate Greenhouses are a popular way of gardening. Special arrangement of the greenhouse inside gives us the opportunity to get a harvest earlier than in the open-air field. And with the progress of technology to equip greenhouses has become a simple matter. For example, cellular polycarbonate is very useful: lightweight and durable material and you can quickly mount a greenhouse of any size with it.

What should be inside the greenhouse

The greenhouse must be of such a height that it would be convenient for the gardener to take care of the plants, and the climbing plants would have enough space.

ClimaPod Virtue 9x21 Greenhouse Dimensions

ClimaPod Virtue 9×21 Greenhouse Dimensions

Depending on the width, there should be two or three garden beds and paths between them inside the greenhouse. The width of the garden beds is calculated in such a way that it is possible to care for the plants without stepping on the soil. Therefore, in narrower greenhouses beds are arranged along the walls and make them with a maximum width of one meter. If the greenhouse is wide, the bed in the center can be made up to one and a half meters wide. The tracks should be about 50 cm. But the arrangement of the greenhouse inside is not only beds, but also heating, ventilation and watering.

Heating of greenhouses made of polycarbonate is usually carried out by solar lighting. This is enough for growing good yields. For better light transmission, the walls and roof should be cleaned at least twice a season.

But, if the greenhouse is used for growing seedlings or early vegetables, which means that work in it begins in the winter, you can not do without additional heating. For example, you can install a warm floor in a greenhouse.

Ventilation of greenhouses can be done in manual mode, for this you need to provide in the design several vents that can be opened during the day. It is important to remember that ventilation with an open door and an open window opposite it is a draft, which, on the contrary, is harmful to plants. The best option is one or two open vents on the side wall. In addition, there are various automatic ventilation systems for sale just for greenhouses – in case the gardener cannot check the condition of the plants and the temperature in the greenhouse every day.

Watering plants is most convenient to produce using an automatic system. Through it, fertilizer can be applied in liquid form.

Shelving in the Greenhouse of Polycarbonate

Arrangement of greenhouses for growing seedlings – is the installation of shelves and shelvings. In addition, you can combine – on the lower level to leave the beds with low-growing plants, and make racks above. Due to the ability of polycarbonate to pass the maximum amount of sunlight, the lighting will be enough for all plants.

greenhouse 9x14 with shelving : ClimaPod Greenhouses Testimonials

Polycarbonate Greenhouse 9×14 with Shelving : ClimaPod Greenhouses Testimonials

Shelves allow you to use the space to the maximum, because they can be made two or three-tier. The width of the shelves are similar to the width of the beds – that is, about eighty centimeters when accessing from one side and up to one and a half meters, if there is access from both sides. It makes sense to put sectional racks – these can be easily taken out of the greenhouse and returned if the plants on which they are planted require hardening outdoors.

You can store the necessary equipment or agrochemistry under the shelving.

The Garden Beds and Paths in the Poly Greenhouse

The width of the track in a polycarbonate greenhouse is determined by two parameters. As the maximum useful use of internal space is necessary, the path should not be too wide. On the other hand, especially for large greenhouses, the path cannot be too narrow for a wheelbarrow to drive along it, for example, with a harvest of tomatoes.

In this case, the tracks should be made of non-slip material – perhaps of boards or bricks. It is not rational to leave paths unpaved, since watering a greenhouse, especially high beds, may accumulate water on such paths. You can build paths with a slight slope and a drain on the edge inside the large greenhouse.

Three garden beds inside the greenhouse

Three garden beds inside the polycarbonate greenhouse

The garden beds are the main element of any greenhouse. It will be optimal to make high beds, with a minimum height of twenty to twenty-five centimeters above the greenhouse floor. The benefits of such beds are that they warm up better and can be filled with properly prepared soil. A problematic place of high beds is too good drainage, because of which it will be necessary to water more often.

For the device of high bed, the place for planting should be enclosed with a border of boards, tiles or slate with a height of twenty-five centimeters, and the fence, which subsequently will put serious pressure on the soil layer – to fix. The easiest option is to drive the pegs along the whole bed, on both sides of the curb. The pool obtained in this way should be laid with a fine-meshed net for protection against pests, and then covered with prepared soil mixture.

Requirements for the soil for each type of plant their own. Of course, in stores for gardeners you can find ready-made mixtures for greenhouses, suitable for a particular crop, but this is expensive. Therefore, the majority of summer residents prefer to prepare the soil with their own hands, mixing garden soil, humus, sand, peat, sawdust and other additives in the necessary proportions. Regardless of the composition of the soil mixture, it must be steamed before use in a greenhouse to destroy harmful microorganisms.

If climbing plants are planted in the garden, they must be supported.

The Quarantine Zone inside the Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Polycarbonate greenhouse building also provides a quarantine zone, storage space for inventory and other additional features.

The quarantine zone is easiest to organize using an aquarium. When introducing new seedlings or pots of plants into the greenhouse, you need to make sure that the plants themselves are healthy and the soil is not infected with harmful microorganisms. For this, “newbies” are kept in a completely isolated zone. You can assemble it yourself from profiles and glass or polycarbonate, or you can use a ready-made aquarium. The only requirement for the quarantine zone is that it should be located in the most cool and shaded area of ​​the greenhouse so that the plants inside do not overheat.

Sometimes in the greenhouse requires additional lighting. For example, infrared lamps. For adult plants it is too expensive, but the benefits for seedlings are undoubted.

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