Greenhouse maintenance in spring and

In this article, we have collected universal tips for greenhouse maintenance for gardeners in winter and early spring. Here are the guidelines from ClimaPod Team.

Greenhouse maintenance in spring before the season starts

greenhouse preparation for the beginning of the season

greenhouse preparation for the beginning of the season

We recommend to wipe the outside and inside of the greenhouse before you begin planting. Do this with water, a soft sponge or soft cloth. It is strictly forbidden to use brushes, sponges with a rough surface, dishwashing detergents and glass.

If during the installation of the polycarbonate greenhouse, profiles were used to join the sheets, check the joining place after the end of winter. Excessive snow loads and poor-quality installation can cause the sheet to fall out of the connecting profile.

If the frame of your greenhouse is painted or polymer coating in artisanal conditions, then check regularly the greenhouse for rust. Rusty metal tends to deteriorate its characteristics and shorten the service life. So a paint can and a brush play an important role in looking after the greenhouse.

By the way, the frame of ClimaPod greenhouses is made of aluminum, which does not rust, therefore it lasts much longer than others and does not require additional maintenance.

Greenhouse care in winter

ClimaPod Greenhouse in winter

ClimaPod Greenhouse in winter

The first rule in greenhouse maintenance in winter is to eliminate rapidly forming snowdrifts from the greenhouse roof during heavy snowfalls. You can use a broom for this, but without fanatical enthusiasm and strong impact. If there is heavy snowfall in your area in winter, it is better to install additional supports.

If frost has formed on the polycarbonate, you cannot scrape and use scrapers. Thus, you can accidentally damage the sheet and the UV-protective layer, on which the service life of polycarbonate depends. Do not touch the ice; it will come off by itself when the temperature rises.

As for leaving in a lean cold season, in winter inside the greenhouse, you can organize a “blanket of snow” for the land. It will help to further moisturize the soil and avoid excessive dryness, which is a problem for greenhouse cultivation.

Admire your greenhouse more often, and you will notice in time what needs to be corrected or replenished if necessary.

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