ClimaPod Passion XL 9'x28' greenhouse

Greenhouses made of polycarbonate – the best purchase for homeowners. ClimaPod Greenhouse is equipped with this modern covering material, so gardeners interested in high yields will appreciate it. Nevertheless, when buying a ready-made greenhouse, you need to remember about the quality of the assembly. And often the greenhouse, assembled by ourselves, is not inferior in appearance and duration of operation to the greenhouse, which is assembled by professionals.

ClimaPod Greenhouse Features

Today, many manufacturers offer various models of polycarbonate greenhouses. But the choice of a greenhouse still needs to be approached seriously and with special care. Even with minor violations of the design and features of the forms of the models, strong changes in thermal insulation properties are possible, unfortunately, not for the better.

ClimaPod Greenhouses are high-quality greenhouses that meet all requirements and are made from durable materials. These reinforced greenhouses perfectly withstand various weather conditions. The shape of the greenhouse was developed taking into account the requirements for use in the winter season.

climapod greenhouse under the snow

climapod greenhouse under the snow

These strong and durable polycarbonate greenhouses are distinguished by such features:

  • A peculiar form of construction that resembles a drop. Thanks to this constructive solution, snow mass does not accumulate on the roof of the building, which significantly reduces the risk of breakdowns. In addition, this form of the greenhouse increases the level of stability and strength of the structure, so that the structure can withstand even strong gusts of wind.
  • Reinforced frame made of five-inch aluminum profile, and therefore the design can withstand heavy loads.
  • The frame of the greenhouse is made of aluminum and is not subject to corrosion.
  • The covering material is polycarbonate, characterized by high strength. Even with a strong mechanical effect on the greenhouse, this coating does not form splinters. Polycarbonate is protected from UV rays – this significantly increases the service life. After all, everyone knows that under the influence of the sun, polycarbonate begins to turn yellow after a few months, so it does not allow light to pass through. In this case, such a nuisance will not happen.

In addition, Climapod Greenhouses have an important feature – the modular system allows you to increase the length of the greenhouse.

Each gardener can choose a suitable greenhouse size – from 14 feet to 42 feet. All Virtue and Passion models are 7 feet high and 9 feet wide.

ClimaPod Virtue 9x21 Greenhouse Dimensions

ClimaPod Virtue 9×21 Greenhouse Dimensions

Advantages and disadvantages

ClimaPod Greenhouse Aluminum Frame and Base

ClimaPod Greenhouse Aluminum Frame and Base

Any greenhouse, regardless of what material it is made of, has its own advantages and disadvantages. ClimaPod Greenhouse’s manufacturers took into account many wishes of gardeners, and therefore managed to develop a greenhouse with a suitable microclimate for growing plants. Many gardeners who have tested this model have confirmed that the number of positive signs significantly exceeds the possible disadvantages, and some people could not even name at least one manufacturer’s defect.

The advantages include:

  • aluminum frame, characterized by durability and strength;
  • a unique form of the greenhouse that does not need constant removal of snow in the winter season;
  • the ability to adjust the length;
  • additional accessories allow to improve and facilitate the care of plants, as well as provide the ability to control temperature;
  • super strength;
  • ease of assembly yourself.

Inside View

Some gardeners have named one single flaw that is not critical, they say. This is a small height of the walls of the structure. Nevertheless, due to the special shape without sharp angles, the plants still stretch upward, which minimizes this feature.