how to choose greenhouse cover material

Cover materials of the greenhouses

Does greenhouse cover material matters? When the construction of the greenhouse building is in process the most important question comes up: “How to choose the material of the building?”. Do not forget that the cost of materials for the greenhouse should be calculated taking into the consideration that the business of growing the vegetables will be taking place during the winter period. So the material for construction of the greenhouse building should be chosen according to the season. The most popular options are: glass, polyethylene and polycarbonate.

Glass greenhouse

The glasshouse made from the specific type of the glass. The glass is one of the most durable materials which have the best light throughput possibility. We highly recommend you to choose a tempered type of the glass with thickness level of at least 6 mm. Our mission is to warn you that this option is the most expensive one especially because it is necessary to install frames for each glass. In addition to all above for the creation the greenhouse with glass type you will need much more time and effort comparison to other types of greenhouse. Also you have to take into the consideration the fact that the glass does not hold heat well. So it means that it is necessary to solve the issue and install additional heating system in advance.

Polyethylene greenhouse

polyethylene greenhouse cover

polyethylene greenhouse cover

The greenhouse which is made from polyethylene material. The first thing to note is that polyethylene is the cheapest material. That fact means that for those who want to start the greenhouse business from low starting budget to choose polyethylene material is the best option. The average shelf life of high-quality polyethylene film is approximately 3 years. If you want to use the greenhouse during winter season then it is necessary to use at least two balls of film between which the air layer will be formed taking the active role as the heat insulator for the greenhouse.

Polycarbonate greenhouse

pvc polycarbonate greenhouse cover

polycarbonate greenhouse cover

This material has excellent thermal insulation properties as well as its advantage is the fact that the greenhouse from polycarbonate material is easy to maintain and install. Polycarbonate has its disadvantage. Ultraviolet rays make straight influence to the greenhouse made of polycarbonate. As the result the material changes its color to yellow one and let through less light. Another disadvantage can be attributed addiction to expansion to high air temperature.

Of course everyone who is planning to start own greenhouse business should look first of all at the business plan and financial part as it is necessary to have some money to build the greenhouse from the proper high quality material and install all the required equipment for growing vegetables all year round. You have to proceed from the fact that for how long you are planning to build greenhouse and what kind of size you want the greenhouse to be. Because there is the rule: the bigger greenhouse you want to build the more materials for construction of the building will be required and accordingly more funds will be spent.

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