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Strawberry Cultivation Ways in the Greenhouse

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growing strawberry in the greenhouse

The cost of equipment and materials, the complexity and frequency of care, and the amount of the harvest depend on the method of planting strawberries in the greenhouse. read more →

How to prepare the greenhouse for the autumn and for the spring

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climapod passion 9x14 greenhouse

The greenhouse gives an opportunity to grow heat-loving plants or simply get a crop of vegetables much earlier than the weather-climate conditions allow. But the heat which can be combined with humidity microclimate inside the greenhouse can contribute to the cultivation of pests and pathogens that can overwinter and destroyed the crop of the next year. That is why the greenhouse should not be cleaned up in simply way but also treated with special means after the end of the season in the autumn and in the spring before planting starts. read more →

Green House Gardening – A Tip For Organic Vegetable Garden

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organic vegetable gardening

Wide variety of methods for green house gardening allows for the cultivation of vegetables, ornamental plants and flowers that cannot be grown outside because of the climate conditions and is widely used in organic food production such as with hydroponic. Others just want to cultivate plants that are sensitive to the cold weather or they try to get good seeds. And finally, some make a hobby out of the cultivation and display of rare plants. read more →

Growing Sweet Peas In A Home Greenhouse

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Sweet peas with butterfly

When growing Sweet peas in a home greenhouse vertical strings are spaced about 4 inches apart. They are tied with a slip knot to the top wire, given one turn around the 16-inch and 10-inch wires, drawn fairly tight and tied with a slip knot to the bottom wire. It is best to tie a few strings near the center first and work toward the ends. This will tend to keep all the strings fairly tight. But it may be found necessary to go back and tighten some of them. read more →

How Greenhouse Accessories Benefit Plants

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greenhouse accessories automatic window opener

read more →

The dill: growing vegetables in the ClimaPod Greenhouse

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growing the dill in the greenhouse

What exactly the dill is? Is it vegetable or grass? Many people are asking this question. The dill is the vegetable crop that refers to annual and herbaceous plants from the genus of Umbelliferae. This family consists of only one species and it is the Fragrant Dill. It is growing mainly in the wild Asia and as the garden plant it is growing all over the world. read more →

Profiting from your greenhouse: floriculture

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floriculturing in the climapod greenhouse

Flower arranging and designing will help you make more profit from your greenhouse. read more →

Home Greenhouse Disease And Pest Control

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Home Greenhouse Disease And Pest Control

Growing in a home and in general greenhouse gardening is a lot more fun now than it was 50 years ago. Since then there have been many drastic changes in greenhouse management. read more →

How to Raise Vegetables in the Winter With Greenhouse Gardening

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climapod passion winter greenhouse 2019

You can cultivate vegetables in the middle of winter making use of greenhouse vegetable gardening techniques. To raise vegetables in a greenhouse is virtually the same as growing them outside during the summer. There are just several added things you must do to imitate what nature would do naturally. read more →

Greenhouse Supplies For A Well-Working Greenhouse

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climapod summer greenhouse 2018

What to know about greenhouse supplies can be important, especially when one hopes to design a well-working enclosure and it’s more than a hobby, for instance. The current economic climate is causing many people to look at ways to save money. Growing their own vegetables can be a way to save a few dollars and eat healthier, on top of things. Additionally, selling plants, certain fruits and vegetables can bring in additional income. read more →