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Greenhouse Supplies For A Well-Working Greenhouse

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climapod summer greenhouse 2018

What to know about greenhouse supplies can be important, especially when one hopes to design a well-working enclosure and it’s more than a hobby, for instance. The current economic climate is causing many people to look at ways to save money. Growing their own vegetables can be a way to save a few dollars and eat healthier, on top of things. Additionally, selling plants, certain fruits and vegetables can bring in additional income. read more →

The Essentials Of Installing Greenhouse Lighting

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light for the plants

Lighting is a key factor in the healthy growth of any plant. So when you’re planning a greenhouse, it’s important that you give some consideration to the kind of lighting you’ll be using. Selecting a suitable lighting system will ensure that your plants grow faster and remain healthy. Here are various things you should be alert to so as to find the most appropriate greenhouse lighting system for your situation. read more →

How To Grow Your Own Food In A Backyard Greenhouse

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climapod passion 9x14 winter greenhouse 2019

Using a Backyard Greenhouse in your garden is one element of leisure activity. And there are also many crops which can be grown outdoors in the greenhouse.

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Greenhouses – Any Gardeners All Weather Friend

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All Weather Greenhouses

All Weather Greenhouse is meant to replicate any type of climate from around the world based on the plant’s needs. That is its purpose. Therefore, you must be clear on the variety of plants that you intend to build the greenhouse for, you should also know exactly what their environmental needs are. Apart from this, plants react differently to different seasons, pay close attention to their seasonal needs. Pay attention to what is happening with your plants during different seasons. read more →

Gardening in Small Spaces

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Gardening in Small Spaces

Limited Area Gardening

Where garden space is very limited (small space gardening), consider wide-row planting of vegetables. Wide-row planting is simply a matter of broadcasting seeds in bands anywhere from 10 in. to 3 or more feet wide instead of a single band on each row. With the wide row system, more square feet of garden space is actually producing vegetables and less space is left for cultivation between the rows. With this method, production will usually more than double. read more →

Introduction To Small Hydroponic Greenhouse Gardening

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Hydroponic Greenhouse

Gardening inside greenhouses has already been proven to yield good harvest, but if you use hydroponics in a greenhouse, the benefits are multiplied. Hydroponic greenhouse doubles or even triples the harvest you can make from the same area using the usual gardening system. read more →

Orchid Greenhouse

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Orchid Greenhouse

An Orchid Greenhouse is a greenhouse dedicated to the breeding and nurturing of Orchid plants.  There are four basically types of Orchids: terrestrial orchids grow in the ground, while epiphytes grow on trees; usually establishing themselves is the joint where a branch is growing from the trunk. A third type of orchid is the Lithophytes, or air-growing Orchid, which grows on rocky surfaces. While the fourth type of orchid is the Saprophyte Orchid which also grows on air, but uses decaying vegetation as its base. Orchids grown in an orchid greenhouse are usually Lithophytes, Saprophytes, or terrestrial. Although you can easily obtain samples of all types from various greenhouses. read more →

Get A Home Greenhouse To Save Your Plants

home 7x28 greenhouse kit

For any person who has an interest in gardening and who has their own plants to grow, getting a home greenhouse may be one of the best things they ever do. Home greenhouses have a lot to offer and can make your job of caring for your plants much easier and more convenient. There are a few benefits of home greenhouses in particular that are worth considering. One of the best things about these buildings is that they allow you to control the growing environment for your plants. read more →

A Practical Guide To Greenhouse Gardening

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Greenhouse gardening

Greenhouse gardening is what most gardening enthusiasts will develop for growing exotic plants as greenhouses, giving you the chance to garden all year round irrelevant of the temperatures. Thus gardening lovers can still continue their activities and enjoy all types of flowers and plants year round. read more →

Begin Growing Vegetables In A Greenhouse

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winter greenhouse harvest

Some tips about growing vegetables in a greenhouse in winter. Fresh homemade veggies during the cold winter months might appear impossible, but it is not. Set up a small greenhouse next to your garage or house and you are halfway home to having crunchy cucumbers, tangy tomatoes and fresh lettuces for your salads. read more →