Irrigation system for the greenhouse

Greenhouse equipment – the basic minimum of tools

The erection of greenhouse construction is only the first step in the matter of agricultural greenhouse cultivation of orchard and horticultural crops. In addition to the actual greenhouse you will need a fairly extensive greenhouse inventory: things and devices, without which the effectiveness of growing vegetables and fruits in the greenhouse will be significantly lower than with the help of them.

There are many additional devices needed for the effective operation of the greenhouse. Such as lighting and watering systems, temperature and humidity control. It does matter what kind of garden tools you use.

So for successful cultivation of plants in a greenhouse you will need the following tools:

  1. The main tools – pots, containers for plants, soil containers, garden scoop, shovel, tray-nurseries and watering devices. Most likely any owner of garden or garden plot should have this basic set of agricultural tools otherwise it is not a problem to purchase these things. All of them are cheap and easily to get from the store. Without these basic tools you will not be able to do any greenhouse cultivation because you will not be able to dig the ground with your hands or carrying seedlings in caskets.


  1. Racks, shelves and other structures for placing containers with plants or seedlings. It seems to be not right to use only a natural surface (the ground inside the greenhouse) for cultivation since the possibilities of greenhouse construction assume to use of the maximum possible space of the greenhouse for obtaining a larger volume of grown crops.

A rack for your greenhouse can be made with your own hand (if you know how to do it of course) or you can buy already assembled ready to use construction. There are so-called greenhouse shelves and the features of their design are specially adjusted just for the needs of greenhouse growing plants.

Please do not forget to pay special attention to the shelving or any other similar construction made of wood. The shelving construction must necessarily be lacquered or covered with paint because the wood that is not protected by additional coating deteriorates very quickly, rips and becomes hotbed of mold in conditions of high humidity and heat inside the greenhouse.

  1. Ventilation. Your greenhouse construction should have at least the most primitive means for ventilation since ventilation is one of the most critical factors in the effective functioning of the greenhouse. If your greenhouse construction will not have adequate ventilation then the plants will be overheated in the summer period and will not receive enough oxygen in the winter time. It is highly recommended not to skimp on this accessory for greenhouse cultivation.


  1. Irrigation system. Watering the greenhouse plants will also have its own specific since the climate inside the greenhouse will be very different from the usual natural conditions for garden growing plants. Also pay attention that there will be several different cycles of watering in the greenhouse (the frequency of watering the plants) and the quantity of water needed for irrigation.


It is highly not recommended of watering greenhouse plants directly from a hose or watering can since the accumulation of liquid on plant bodies is fraught with the growing of fungal infections. So the best reasonable choice for a greenhouse will be an automatic irrigation system that will irrigate plants with the required frequency and strictly in the required volumes.

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